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Products / EIKON DEVICE / Eikon Tattoo Machines / Helix Rotary Tatoo Machine - 3.4mm - Black - RCA [  Back  ]
Helix Rotary Tatoo Machine - 3.4mm - Black - RCA

Helix Rotary Tatoo Machine - 3.4mm - Black - RCA

The Helix Rotary Machine is developed by Eikon, and is backed with over 21 years of design and manufacturing expertise. It's precision-machined, and hand-assembled, in Canada featuring a Swiss Maxon motor with an iron-less core, and the highest quality components. The Helix Rotary has a linear motion Delrin slide with lube port that produces a consistent hit with no give adjustments. Even weight distribution, and minimized vibration, makes this machine a pleasure to work with whether you're using it for fine lining, shading or coloring.

Price :350.00 Price without VAT

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