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Privacy Policy

Rapsody Tattoo Supplies operates this website.  Rapsody Tattoo Supplies acknowledges that you care
about how information about you is put to use and shared.  Thus, we have developed this Privacy Policy 
to inform you of our information collecting process. 
Note that everything entailed in Rapsody Tattoo Supplies Privacy Policy applies only to information 
gathered through our website.  

Collection of Personal Data
Rapsody Tattoo Supplies collects and stores information that customers enter in this website. 
For instance, when customer -you- open an account, we collect and store part or all the information 
provided to us including full name, studio name, shipping address, e-mail address and invoice data. 
This information is used by us to provide products, ship orders and further services requested by our 
customers.  We will additionally communicate with you via phone and e-mail should this be requested 
by us. 

Sharing of Personal Data
Rapsody Tattoo Supplies does not share, sell, or rent to others personal data collected through our website.  Rapsody Tattoo Supplies does not reveal, exploit or advertise customer and/or studio names 
and further personal data to third parties unless we have your consent. 

Rapsody Tattoo Supplies does not sell or ship any items ordered through this website directly to any 
persons who are known to be under the age of 18.  Likewise, we do not collect any personal information 
from any individuals who we know to be under the age of 18.  If you are under 18, Rapsody Tattoo Supplies 
strictly advises that you use this website only under the supervision and aid of a parent or guardian. 

Rapsody Tattoo Supplies might disclose personal information if deemed necessary; in the case we have 
received a valid legal notice from a law enforcement ageny; if the law or a legal procedure demands it; 
or advance to any release that involves the protection, safety or property of Rapsody Tattoo Supplies and/or 
any respective partners, associates and manufacturers. 

The material in this website is subject to ownership rights of Rapsody Tattoo Supplies and we hereby 
authorize you to view and use this material respective of learning, evaluating or acquiring 
Rapsody Tattoo Supplies products or services. 
No permission is granted to you to copyright, reproduce, distribute, transmit, upload, download, modify, 
alter, store, display in public the content portrayed in this website. 

© 2011 Rapsody Tattoo Supplies   
    All Rights Reserved   




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