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Rapsody Tattoo Supplies was established in 2006. As tattooists and professional tattoo suppliers, Rapsody Tattoo Supplies carries name brands that are authentic and serve the purpose of quality and endurance.  Our primary aim is to provide tattooists with equipment that will aid in smoothly functioning 
their work.  In a similar frame of mind we try to provide the apprentice with reliable equipment and 
through practise to become professional tattooists.    

Quality, reliability and resilience are but a few attributes that are synonymous to the company. 
Rapsody Tattoo Supplies is currently a prime supplier of tattoo equipment in Greece. 
Rapsody Tattoo Supplies is the sole official distributor of  INTENZE Ink, Gold 13, Euro-Sumi, Eikon, 
Thermal Copiers, Stencil Stuff, Blackline Tattoo Machines 
and Alan Dixon Machines in Greece.

We promise to continue offering the best possible products and strive at maintaining the highest quality.

We wish to take thanks to all those who have portrayed their unfailling support.
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